Tennis Terms

Here is a list of tennis terms that you may hear when watching or playing the sport.

When the server is able to score without the receiveer being able to touch the ball

The left hand side of the court where players have the opportunity to win the game

The point to be played after a Deuce occurs. If the player who has advantage wins the point, he/she wins the game otherwise the score goes back to duece.

Approach Shot
Occurs when a player moves forward to attack a short placed ball to place it deep for a following volley.

Association of Tennis Professionals.

Hitting the ball from the left side of your body to right (if you are right handed)

Slicing the bottom part of the ball to make it spin backwards

The line at the very back of the court on both sides where a player serves.

Break Point
The point where the server is susceptible to losing the game on his/her serve.

Break Of Serve
This is when the server loses break point and therefor the game on his service.

Change Of Ends
At the end of every uneven numbered game, the players are required to swap ends

Clay Court
The slowest of all professional tennis surfaces made of clay

Continental Grip
A type of grip for holding the racket

When both players have 40 points each

A score of zero

Double Fault
When the server is unable to server correctly within the appropriate lines and loses the point.

Drop Shot
Placing the ball as short as possible over the net to force your opponent to come in.

Eastern Grip
A type of grip used when playing a forehand

Exhibition Match
A friendly game where the outcome does not affect either player's rankings

Flat Serve
A straight and low serve that doesn't have any spin on it.

Foot Fault
This is when the server has his/her foot on or past the baseline as he/she strikes the ball on their serve. This is a violation and considered a fault.

Striking the ball from the right side of the body to the left (if you are right handed).

Game Point
A point that can determine the winner of the game.

Grand Slam
Winning all four of the major grand slam tennis tournaments in one season.

Hard Court
The hardest of all professional tennis court surfaces where the ball moves the fastest

Kick Serve
A type of serve where a large amount of spin is applied so that the ball changes direction when it hits the ground making it harder to read for the receiver.

When a serve clips the top of the net but still lands within the bounds of a correct serve. The point is replayed as a result.

Hittinh the ball over your opponent's head.

A score of zero

Match Point
A point that decides the winner of the match

Overhead Smash
When a player receives a ball high above the head and strikes the ball downwards hard.

When the umpire rules against the decision of a line judge.

Passing Shot
A shot that passes an opponent when they are right at the net.

Slice Usually used as a defensive shot to apply backspin and reduce the speed of the received ball.

Tie break
When the game score is tied at 6-6, a tie break occurs to determine the winner of the set.

Applying spin on the top of the ball to make it spin forwards

Unforced Error
When a player plays a shot that does not land within the lines when under no pressure

Hitting the ball at the net before it bounces

Allows for players who haven't qualified for a tournament to participate.

Womens Tennis Association.

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