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The United States Tennis Association uses a simple National Tennis Rating program to determine the capabilities and level of a player based on certain attributes. It is a seven point based system as follows:

1.0Player has just begun playing tennis
2.0The player requires more on-court experience and has noticeable stroke weaknesses but has become more familiar with the positions on the court for playing singles or doubles.
2.5The player is becoming more aware of anticipating where the ball is going and can engage in a short rally with fellow players at the same level, however the ability for court coverage is weak
3.0The player has become more consistant with stroking shots at a medium pace but lacks the ability to control the direction, power and depth.
4.0The player now has more directional control with both backhand and forehand shots as well as the ability to lob and volley at a medium pace. Errors when serving are quite forced and rallies are inconsistent due to impatience.
4.5The player can now handle more pace and has become more comfortable with applying power and spin to shots as well as the ability to control the depth. Serving is more comfortable with the ability to place them accurately on second serves.
5.0The player has an increased sense of shot anticipation and can regularly hit winners off short balls as well as being able to put away volleys with success. The player has also increased the ability to apply spins and variation on serves
5.5The player has now increased power and consistency and has control of applying strategic plays in a competitive situation. The player has also increased the ability to hit consistent shots under stressful conditions.
6.0The player generally does not need a rating and is able to train intensively for a national tournament at the junior level and has achieved an open ranking.
7.0The player is world class and professional

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