MyBookie Steps into Enhanced Oddsmaking

Popular U.S. friendly sportsbook, MyBookie, whose offerings include a racebook, casino and live casino, has recently hired AnonymousGamblr to extend and improve its trading activities. After AG's claims that the platform can offer an unrivalled gaming performance, the venue might as well declare a victory with total confidence as it represents a premier site for all of your sports betting needs. Want to find out why? Here's a hint: it even accepts Bitcoin.

Only a handful of leading experts are given such an opportunity and when Anonymous was offered a chance to apply his custom trading algorithms to, he did two things. Firstly, he remained completely calm and lit a few candles for the poor souls that now had to do battle with a legend such as himself, and secondly, he ordered his front yard torn up and replaced by a parking lot so that he could fit multiple fancy cars such as Lamborghinis. Now, that'­s how confident he is about engaging in marketing operations with the sportsbook.

By now you probably wonder who this cocky guy is, but­­­ AG has 13 years of experience in the online gaming industry, since he worked all over the world both as an oddsmaker and advantage bettor! His comprehension of sportsbooks is unprecedented and employees at MyBookie will be fully reeducated and rebaptized upon his arrival. Unfortunately, the media is prone to incorrect portraying of the betting industry, and it is high time to right the wrongs of the past, said Anonymous. The expert is also ready to apply his professional ability to handicap an event, or provide an accurate quote, according to some earlier tweets.

In his final statements about the hire, AnonymousGamblr has commented in a funny manner that bloggers, podcasters and TV personalities are finally going to find a proper source for their information, as there are too many marketing tricksters out online, whose statements are primarily designed to draw PR. Many competitive firms are used to publishing grandiose claims that usually have no true value.

We are eager to see at what point will AG's expertise kick in and give us a new view on the world of online gaming. What is your opinion?

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  • Bulgaria sharpe


    No doubt hiring a guy who's been and oddsmaker and a professional advantage bettor is definitely a plus for MyBookie, obviously the fact he's been from the 'other side' makes him quite useful for the brand and also he seems to have a bit different approach than what we use to see from a bookie so in my mind no doubtfully they will benefit of his presence there.

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