Tain Unveils Fast Bets Betting Service

Tain, developer of full-featured solutions, has officially announced its latest betting service product, in an effort to expand its sportsbook offerings. The brand has titled it ‘Fast Bets' and allows users to make bets on certain incidents that may or may not happen during a selected timeframe during a sporting event. It is scheduled to be showcased during February's ICE 2017, which will be held in London.

To utilize the service, users can simply select a particular event, followed by a timeframe. For example, in the event of football , incidents may include a goal, goal-kick, corner, throw-in, and others. Users can place bets on periods of time as little as a minute.

According to Tain's managing director, Mathias Larson, "Sportsbooks that can offer something different will be the ones that prosper in a competitive marketplace. Fast Bet is an exciting new service that can help operators to stand out from the rest. Fast Bet is ideal for those punters who become bored through having to wait until half-time or full-time to see their bet settled.'

Larson continued, "Sports fans can put their knowledge and expertise to the test over a limited period of time. If they think a spell of attack is certain to lead to a goal, or if they think a couple of bad tackles might culminate in a red card, the Fast Bet service is perfect for them.'

"Tain now offers the extras that complement its fully-managed sportsbook. Operators are excited by our enhanced service, and we look forward to displaying our offering to the rest of the sector at ICE 2017,' he further added.


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  • Bulgaria sharpe


    Doesn't sound exiting feature for me, maybe I'm too conservative but that's just another way for bookies making their punters guessing on a insignificant events.
    And it's not a new idea or something, you can already stake that particular event will happen or not on a 5 or 10 minute frames so it just shorter time window...but it also could be attractive for some punters...not for me though.

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