Premier League: Yaya Toure set to leave Manchester City

Midfielder Yaya Toure will leave Manchester City at the end of the current season, according to his agent. The Ivorian midfielder will be considering the various offers once the season comes to an end as his agent, Dimitri Seluk, says he will not want to stay at Manchester City until the end of his contract. Toure's current deal with Manchester City runs out at the end of next season.

The 32-year-old Ivory Coast midfielder joined Manchester City from Barcelona for 24 million pounds in July 2010. Back then Pep Guardiola was in charge at Barcelona, and since he will be coming at City next summer it would be best four Toure to find himself a new home.

"We have waited too long," Seluk said. "Manchester City promised a deal but nothing has materialised so Yaya will leave in June. Yaya is disappointed of course. But he is a professional and he remains under contract so he will continue to do his best for City. Various offers have arrived for Yaya and we're evaluating them, but no decision has been taken yet for next season. Inter? We're definitely talking about a great club and everyone knows about the relationship between Yaya and Mancini, but like I've already said, we haven't made any decision yet."

Manchester City are the favourites to win the Premier League title next season, they are 6/5 at Bet365 to win it.

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  • Bulgaria sharpe


    Here's is one player that I'm not going to miss at all, not only because I'm MU fan but really never liked his sometimes quite arrogance attitude on the field. Although he's a class player probably City will compensate his absence next season one way or another. They are great favourites according to many fans to be champions next season but let's wait and see. PL is not the Bundesliga and I don't think it would be a one horse race.

  • Serbia milo?.sekuli?


    I wanted to say that I'm sorry because such a player has to go. A player who has entered the City's history. And then I remembered that, this same City hasn't history, so no need to keep the players that no longer fits into the philosophy of the team and a new coach. Bon voyage Toure.

  • Croatia jakablazic


    Yaya is still great player and would be good addition to almost every club on earth, except few. He is real box-to-box midfielder, covering a large part of the field, physicaly strong, good technique and solid scorer. He made big impact in City and their fans surely won't forget him. Good luck Yaya, wherever you go.

  • Alexa Alexa


    The citizens will miss a lot Yaya if he eventually leaves the club at the end of the season.Alongside Kun Aguero,he is by far the best player for the Manchester City in last few seasons.He still has a lot to offer to great clubs,but I think he will look to one last big contract, so I expect him to go to Asia or America.

  • Serbia Milaneli


    This thing - Yaya Toure leaving City has been clear for a months. Ever since world got a news that Pepe Guardiola is gonna take a charge over blue side of Manchester I could see Yaya packing his stuff. Two of them had bad relationship in Barcelona, and this doesn't surprise me what so ever. Same thing would happened if Guardiola took over PSG, Ibra would already left. I just hope not to see him going to Inter, since I do not follow Seria A that much and I still want to see him in action. He has been playing without any ambition for last few weeks and it's sad to see him this way.

  • Slovenia mannixx


    He is a good player, but it is noticable that best years are behind him, and also statistic doesnt lie, 2 years ago he scored 20 goals and 9 asist in premier league this year only 6 goals and 5 asists. I think he will end up in China, just like Ramires Cavani...

  • Slovenia mannixx


    The latest rumours is that Inter is interested in Yaya Toure but i dont think they can meet with his salary so i still think rich china clubs or few clubs from USA are still the favorites to sign him for the next season or maybe Paris could be great club for him next year.

  • Montenegro scepan7


    Yaya Toure , in my opinion, is one of the best midfielders in the world. I think the best player in M. City. He is strong , fast, has a good kick and is very self-sacrificing for his team .
    I was sad when he left from Barcelona and I think it was a mistake Administration Barcelona. In M.City showed his class and I think that can be a long time to play at a high level . He needs to stay in M.City . It is very important player for M.City .

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