Premier League: Newcastle owner says club have ran out of money

Newcastle United have "virtually nothing left" in their bank accounts, according to club owner Mike Ashley. He also added that the club shouldn't "come crying" to him when it's all gone. Newcastle are currently in the relegation zone with eight games left to play this season. Last weekend they snatched a 1-1 draw against fellow relegation contenders Sunderland.

Mike Ashley says he did everything possible this season, spending over 80 million pounds on new players in the two transfer windows. He told the Mirror: "All I can say is: there is a bank account. When you have emptied it, it's empty. Don't come crying to me for more money. There is virtually nothing left now. They have emptied it. I have virtually nil affect on Newcastle in reality because I only pick the board."

"Do I regret getting into football? The answer is yes," Ashley added. "I've had tonnes of fun in it but I haven't been able to make the difference I wanted to make in football. I wanted to help Newcastle. I wanted to make it better. But I haven't seemed to be able to have that affect. I think everyone can agree we've had a proper go at it this season but the results haven't been ideal." Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United for 134 million pounds in 2007.

Newcastle are 2/5 at Bet365 to get relegated this season.

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  • Serbia h34dhunt3r


    No wonder they run out of cash. They have been buying and buying players for several years now, and no result has come their way. Something similar to what QPR was doing, and then got knocked down to Championship. Newcastle wants to gain their old glory, that's for sure. But overpricing unproven and mid tier players isn't going to help their case. Also, selling Ben Arfa was obliviously huge mistake, since he would have been twice as better than players on his position in Newcastle at the moment.

  • Croatia jakablazic


    Oho Newcastle is in problems. They have been doing business wrong in past few years, releasing Hatem Ben Arfa is the most recent wrong step. He is playing superbly in Nice.. If they get relegated that could make their financial situation even worse than it is now. Benitez is brought to sort some things up, let's see if he will keep them in Premiership next season.

  • Bulgaria sharpe


    Mike Ashley speaks like nothing depends on him in this club, but he's still the owner of the club and I doubt all the decisions are taken by the board without his approval. But anyway there was a lot of wrong decisions during his time in the club and I don't know why he's disappointed after many of this decisions were only his. Just the money are not enough for one football club to be successful and there are many examples, Newcastle is just one more proof of that.

  • Slovenia mannixx


    What a suprise they have run out of money, when they bought players for 100 million of pounds , and all thouse players arent worth 20 millions all together and they showed and proved it this season. Except Wijnaldum and Townsend evrything else is a mistake, maybe Mitrovic was solid and he is young he will get a chance to prove me wrong.

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