Swansea Player Fined for Betting Offenses

Britain's Football Association has fined Swansea FC player James Demetriou £700 as a result of his admitted 13 counts of betting on football matches violating the FA Rule E8.

The FA's ruling doesn't disclose the matches Demetriou place bets on from 3 December 2013 and 21 January 2015.

As part of their efforts to protect the integrity of the game, authorities have published a video on the rules of betting.

Demetriou's fine is much lower than the £3,000 fine FA to Ipswich player Edward Bishop was slapped with in May for betting related offences.

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  • Macedonia seculla


    It's a fact that there are "fixed" matches, especially in "smaller" leagues, and I'm really happy that FA is looking to "target" them and make this to stop. But anyway, I'm pretty sure that football players are not one of the biggest factors in that business. Matches are being "fixed" by much more "bigger fishes" in this business. Prove for that are latest arrests in UEFA leading people.

  • Bulgaria sharpe


    Obviously the FA in England makes everything possible to learn the players what they can and cannot do related to the gambling, the players have the privileges to be part of the top football culture in the world and if this means that they don't have to bet on football games, just every player have to follow the rules. The funny thing is that the fined player is a Greek and in this part of the world we are not the most strict and discipline people so..It's not really a surprise.

  • The Netherlands Johnajax


    FA is great organization and they keep eye on everything. I think that this rule is very very important even if we all know that players could bet with help of someone. I think that all football association should have this rule and I think that will help a lot against fixed matches. This fine is not big but for this player is enough warning to not do this again.

  • Serbia rikimartin4444


    This is not so big news. For professional player sports betting is forbidden and that is normal. But, all of them always find way to bet. They have friend and family that place bet instead of them and that is way to avoid rules. FA is doing a fantastic job and they need to increase penalties for a violation of rules.

  • Serbia Shumar4life


    Somehow I don't believe that this punishment for betting is serious. 700 pounds and he has weekly salary way more then that. If Britain FA wants to make serious fight against betting in football players population they need to make some serious decisions in order to rise this punishments

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