Lawsuits Continue to Roll in for Lance Armstrong

More legal troubles are headed in the direction of Lance Armstrong as two more lawsuits have rolled in this week as a result of his televised confession regarding drugs and cycling. Armstrong now faces $110 million in liabilities which his $125 million net worth will just cover.

One case accuses him of false advertising as an endorser and spokesman for energy drink maker FRS. Robert Martin, a New York FRS customer, filed the suit in federal court on Thursday. He is seeking an unknown amount of damages in a class action suit on behalf of other FRS customers. The basis of the suit says that customers were misled in the campaign that advertized FRS products as the boost in Armstrong's cycling performance.

"Instead, defendant Armstrong's successes were the result of his systemic and illegal use of banned performance-enhancing drugs and human growth hormones," the suit states.

The second lawsuit was filed by Acceptance Insurance Company in Texas. They are seeking $3 million in bonuses that were given to Armstrong after his Tour de France wins in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

"By cheating and deception, Armstrong committed fraud," says the claim. "This suit seeks repayment of $3 million in undeserved and unearned pay Armstrong obtained by fraud."

Armstrong claims his public admission was for sake of his family but it has actually given many the proof needed to slap him with lawsuits.

At this point there are at least five claims filed against Armstrong since the confession.

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