Danica Patrick Disappointed in her Daytona 500 Performance

During Sunday's Daytona 500, Danica Patrick was none too happy with her performance after she dropped from third place to eighth on the last lap. She eased up when team owner Tony Stewart and race winner Jimmie Johnson assured her that there wasn't much she could have done to achieve a different outcome in the final lap.

"I was just frustrated that I didn't have a better plan," she said. "Tony told me, 'I really feel like you had more to lose in your position than you had to gain by trying something. So I think that you did the right thing'. So that made me feel better - a little bit."

Patrick said that her anger was now disappointment about losing her track position.

The Daytona 500 winner said Patrick did "a nice job."

"And I said I had wished I had a better plan, but thank you and I have a lot to learn," Patrick said. "He said that the two (Daytona) wins he had, he didn't have a plan, and sometimes you just have to take it on the fly and work with what happens in the moment.

"He…said he'd seen the end of the race, and said, in his opinion, the only thing I could have done was back up to (Dale Earnhardt Jr.) when he backed up, but as far as what happened on the back straight when Junior went low, in his opinion, he thought I did the right thing."

She hopes to have a better plan to win but appreciates hearing good feedback from top drivers.

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