Righthaven Loses Cases Against Sports Betting Sites

Copyright specialist sees new defeats

Now notorious copyright legal action specialist, Righthaven, which pursued many industry companies for alleged copyright infringements and intimidated a significant number of them into settlements with the threat of court proceedings, has these days suffered both loss of cases and financial difficulties.

In a series of court defeats against companies prepared to fight the Righthaven claims, the company was sent packing by US judges in cases it brought against TheRX and fellow sports betting information site Sports Book Review.

The agreements judges questioned were found wanting in terms of jurisdiction or damage sustained in this week's cases. As it was, the Righthaven signed them with various companies that ceded their right to sue on copyright issues in return for a cut of any settlements or court awards that the copyright specialist was successful in squeezing out of allegedly infringing operators. According to Vegas Inc, Righthaven's partner in the legal actions was Stevo Design Inc (owned by a sports handicapper).

Over 70 of the 276 actions launched by Righthaven in the past two years were settled without court action, and the company had run into difficulties when a growing number of its victims decided to fight after all. Some time earlier this month the reports said that the loss of other cases pressed Righthaven with over $180,000 in unpaid legal costs which resulted in the seizure of both its copyright assets and its domain.

Judge Kent Dawson became the latest member of the judiciary who found against Righthaven in the case against TheRX, repeating a similar action taken by Judge Larry Hicks in the case against SBR, deciding to go further and to recoup its legal costs from Stevo rather than the now financially challenged Righthaven.

Consequently, Judge Philip Pro found Righthaven had no right to sue in a significant number of its actions, and his conclusions reinforced decisions of eight other judges in three US states who has also found Righthaven's lack of legal standing.

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