Explosion Of Interest For Jetbet Software

Low budget but strong determination of an accountant resulted in significant impact on the sports betting industry

Mert Ozbek, a former accountant who set up a betting software company Stakesoft, says it has experienced an "explosion of interest" since Jetbet was launched as a free app. As a matter of fact, Jetbet was initially developed to speed up betting for users of the world's largest betting exchange Betfair.

Stakesoft is operating from budget premises at the university in the historic city of York, and is reportedly making remarkable headway in the online sports betting sector. More importantly, the interest for Ozbek's Jetbet resulted in licensing deal with a major Australian company.

Furthermore, the craze generated the possibility for Ozbek to make the software available in 16 different language versions, including Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian and Turkish.

Ozbek's interest in internet gambling does not finish with Jetbet - the company has just launched the latest software - Tipstersuite - designed for professional tipsters allowing clients selections to be automatically uploaded to the internet and then downloaded to their computers. There is also Steamerbot, automated software which tracks the biggest movements of odds prices before a race and automatically places bets where it finds the greatest movements.

Some other interesting projects that Ozbek is working on include tracking betting movements during tennis matches.

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