Hi-Tech Equipment Aided Police in Breaking Illegal Gambling Rings in Asia

Taiwanese company Decision Group issues a press release describing its contribution

A Taiwanese company Decision Group issued a press release earlier this week boasting that it had played a key role in providing hi-tech equipment that aided the police in an enforcement action against online gambling rings in Asia during and after the World Cup last year.

The Decision Group out of Taipei, Taiwan specialized in cutting-edge technology products supplied the enforcement agencies with its Wireless-Detective systems which were used at a number of suspected hot spots resulting in arrest of the criminals.

The company's not so well-written press release does not name the involved enforcement agencies, but emphasizes that their advanced product enabled the authorities to "...break down the illegal online betting during the last World Cup. The agency has archived high success rates after they managed to break down these syndicate operation in few countries during the seasons of World Cup 2010."

"Hundreds of criminals who were involved in this illegal operation were arrested at various locations in South East Asia countries", the media release further says, focusing on the deployment of the company's products.

The Decision Group underlines that targeted gambling operational centers were generally equipped with CCTV cameras and light sensor devices to prevent possible raids, but the operators were unaware of the presence of police units and were caught red-handed, thanks to its Wireless-Detective system.

"With the deployment of this advanced network forensics tool, police managed to intercept and record all the content of the actual transactions such as the Web Content, Email Exchange, Chat Exchange, and Bank Account Information with our real-time reconstruction engine. Furthermore, the syndicates' operation centers can also be identified and the all internet activities can be intercepted with the help of Internet Service Providers (ISP) in this region," the company statement concludes.

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