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Passoker will be followed by other innovative games

Passoker.com, which claims to be a unique real-time gaming product, launched this week as Prize Passoker, initially offering players the chance to win tens of thousands of pounds worth of sporting memorabilia, as well as a rollover cash jackpot.

Real Money Passoker and Slots Passoker will follow later this year with the cash games packaged for licensed bookmakers and operators.

The poker-style game is an innovative in-play product across all its forms, in which users take part during televised sporting action.

With players rewarded on every occurrence of a sporting incident, e.g. a goal, free-kick or throw-in for football, an ace or double fault in tennis, or a six in cricket, Passoker.com can be applied to any incident or time-based sport, allowing it to attract a global audience. During games, participants are placed on 'tables', with ten seats per table.

Passoker.com can also be played alongside certain non-live TV programmes, with Match of the Day and Coronation Street being the first available.

Partner and shareholder Viv Anderson will use his high profile as a former Nottingham Forest, Arsenal, Manchester United and England footballer to help promote the product.

Passoker.com has been designed and developed by Managing Director Stuart Carr and his team following two years in development. The exclusive sporting memorabilia for the Prize Passoker version of the game has been provided by Colour of Sport (www.colourofsport.com).

Passoker Partner and Shareholder Viv Anderson said: 'With so much live sport on offer, Passoker.com can be played at practically any time. The game is brilliant fun and will appeal to sports enthusiasts and social players alike.'

Managing Director Stuart Carr added: 'It is fantastic that after two years of hard work we are launching Passoker.com. It is a very social gaming experience played during live sport - a bit like the 'Pass-the-Pint' pub game - and a completely innovative offering for the burgeoning in-play market.

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