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Bull Riding vs. Barrel Racing: Male and Female Thrill Sports

Pam Earnhardt was a barrel racing champion who lived in Chandler, AZ. She was good looking, an accomplished horse woman, and she was married to Tex Earnhardt, a genial cowboy who owned a car dealership just outside Phoenix. Tex was well known in the Valley of the Sun for his television commercials showing him sitting on the back of a Brahma bull while extolling the beauty of the new and used cars on his car lot.

Alex Trabek: Racing Horses, Running Jeopardy

The average American (and most Canadians) think Alex Trabek is really smart. They figure he has to be since he has hosted "Jeopardy," one of the most popular game shows on television for more than 34 years. Trebek recently marked his 78th birthday and when his contract with the show expires in 2020, he hints he will probably retire. He was born in Greater Sudbury, Canada on July 22, 1940, the son of a chef. After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a degree in philosophy, he went to work for the Canadian News Corp. as a news reporter and spent several years broadcasting news in Canada.

Car Rallies: Gambler Recalls Best Racing Adventures

Lutz Fabig owned a Volkswagen dealership in Phoenix, AZ. In his native Germany, he had been a race car driver, and he carried his love of promoting car rallies to his new home in America. I met Fabig when I worked as a reporter for the Phoenix Gazette. He walked into our editorial offices one day with a cherubic smile and an announcement that he was planning a weekend car rally. I didn't even know what a car rally was and began taking notes to write a story. "If you do a good job, I will even provide you with a car -- a Volkswagen, of course," said Lutz.

North American Baseball: Scoring a Perfect Bet

Ah, baseball. 'Take me out to the ball game' was one of America's favorite songs. But what happens when nothing a manager does turns out right? Read this story and you'll find out. Warning: Don't even think of becoming a Little League manager unless you are willing to contend with torn pants, day-dreaming outfielders, and rabid fathers who believe their sons are star performers even when they can't hit, field, or throw. I spent a season managing a Little League team in Phoenix, AZ. We had a perfect season. Well, almost perfect. I'll tell you more about that latter.

A Real World Series

I am a baseball fan. I have been one ever since growing up in a housing unit owned by the Pittsburgh Coal Co. which operated the Warden Mine where my father worked as a coal miner in Western Pennsylvania. We often attended major league baseball games at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, PA. where the Pirates played. I watched a lot of games at Forbes Field, but I don't think any of them was as dramatic as the 18-inning marathon between the Red Sox and Dodgers in game three of the 2018 World Series. Every real baseball fan...

A true Las Vegas fairy tale

Now I don't know how true the following story is. My Las Vegas friends swear by it and who would know the truth better than a product of the 24-hour city known far and wide as Glitter Gulch. I don't engage in writing fiction at least for this website. And so I am going to present this story to you as a totally true account of something that happened in the mountain enclosed valley of fire known as Las Vegas. The only thing made up in the story are the names. Bernie was a horseplayer who lived in Las Vegas. He had a job in a casino as a change attendant. In those days it was a tough job.

Become a millionaire while betting on horses

One of my favorite television shows was 'Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?' hosted by Regis Philbin. The program took America by storm and drew millions of viewers almost from day one. Imagine -- just be answering 10 multiple-choice questions correctly you could win up to $1 million. Contestants had a couple of options to help themselves if they became stumped. They could call a friend and they could ask the live audience to vote on which answer was correct. The audience was hardly ever wrong.

A 20-mile donkey race

'Here,' said Yahooskin Fowler, pushing a wire instrument into my hand. 'Brush.' This was my introduction to training to be a donkey jockey in the Border Classic World Championship Saddle Donkey Race in Columbus, N.M. Great! Here I thought it would be a glamorous experience, comparable to riding in the Kentucky Derby. Instead, Yahooskin, a Paiute Indian and my trainer and owner of a donkey named Isaac had me brushing the animal before I could climb into the saddle. Poker players and gamblers lead a bizarre life...

Betting on the right horse

Mel Tillis, the stuttering cowboy singer, came out with a hit record a while back about faster horses, younger women and older whiskey as important parts of his life. The older whiskey part appealed to me in the past. But since I basically gave up drinking, my interests have changed. I still appreciate younger women and faster horses. That will never change. Over the years I have come up with many different systems to beat the horse races. Some have worked for a little while and others have failed. That is discouraging but like most horseplayers, I keep trying. It tends to keep me young.

Black Mike - the best handicapper in the world

He looked like the kind of guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. The scowl on his dark unsmiling face seemed permanently etched. He wore a baseball cap tilted backwards and a long shirt that concealed a loaded .45 automatic that he kept concealed in the small of his back. I met him in the horse room at the Fremont Casino in downtown Las Vegas on Saturday morning in May. I had just celebrated my 49th birthday, my wife had just left me, and I was trying to put my life back together by picking some longshots at Hollywood Park.

MLB HOF Surprises (And Locks)

The MLB Hall of Fame inductions over recent years have been at times sparse. There has also been controversy due to some baseball players suspected of or proven to have used steroids. Happily, this year featured a robust crop of great players. But, of course, there is always some controversy. At the top of the list is...

The U.S Supreme Court changes the sports betting history

America and especially my friends in Arizona are still reeling after the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that will let states decide if they wish to legalize sports betting. This was a mature decision by the nine Supreme Court justices and I applaud their decision. It's time they recognized that the people of this nation are smart enough to make their own minds up on how they want to spend their money.

How to successfully wager on a horse race

For some people, betting on horse racing is a lifetime occupation. This is often the case of individuals who grow up near a race track. They start off by going to the track, hanging around the paddocks, talking to trainers, jockeys and hot walkers. They become familiar with the horses and the odds. They learn about overlays and how trainers operate. They even find out about trainers who will juice their horses -- give them an illegal shot to help them win at long odds. It's all part of horse racing. The real question I have developed over the years is how do you bet on a horse?

the caddies - one of the best jobs you could have

I have to admit it: being a golf caddie was one of the best jobs I ever had. Just think of it. You could go to work whenever you wanted, work as long as you desired, and then go home with money in your pockets. It wasn't much, but it was spendable. And really, what more does a teenager need out of life? I was 13 when I first toted a golf bag at the Youghiogheny Country Club just outside Boston, PA. The golf course was six miles from our home. Fuzzy was the caddy master. He was a short unsmiling man with a limp that originated in his childhood.

Unfairly convicted black boxer Jack Johnson

All the major television networks carried a news story the other day about President Donald Trump giving serious consideration to granting a pardon posthumously to Jack Johnson, a heavyweight boxing champion who died quite a few years ago. Johnson was a black boxer who fought a legendary bout against James Jeffries, an undefeated heavyweight champ who had retired from the ring in 1905. I will get into the fight in a minute. But after the bout, Johnson was arrested for allegedly violating the Mann Act when he and his white girlfriend crossed state lines 'for immoral purposes,' according to the arresting FBI agents.

New baseball season and odds

Which team do you think will win the 2018 World Series? If you are one of the many millions of Americans who are baseball fans, I am sure you have a favorite. I grew up near Pittsburgh, PA. which is a real baseball city. And of course, everyone in my family was a Pirate fan. During baseball season, we kept our radio and later our television tuned in to the Pirate games. When the game was on, my brothers and I knew better than to interrupt it by talking. If we did, we had our father to answer to and that was not a very pleasant prospect.

Hanging around horse racing trainers

The late Benjamin (Bud) Adair was one of the most colorful personalities to come out of Circle City, AZ., a dusty road stop along Highway 60 between Phoenix and Wickenburg. Bud operated a truck stop, motel and restaurant in Circle City. He also ran unsuccessfully for sheriff of Maricopa County and governor of Arizona. He formed a non-profit organization called Desert Troop Search and Rescue and used the volunteers to search for people lost in the desert or for motorists whose cars had broken down. Bud and his wife had several children who helped Desert Troop. J.R. Adair was off the wall and a little crazy. He aspired to be a cowboy and became a Brahma bull rider.

Professional betting on horses

am resting up after four days in Las Vegas. The good news is the city hasn't changed. It has only gotten bigger and the old timers (yours truly included) have gotten grayer, balder, gained a few pounds and developed nervous twitches that come with old age. I spent some time in the New Orleans Cassino horse room and tried to make a killing on the ponies. At the start, I had a couple of winners, but I couldn't keep the momentum going. My faithful readers know how much I depend on momentum and when it doesn't happen, it's time to take a walk.

Words of betting wisdom

miss Barry Miller. He was a good friend and one of the best editors I ever had. Barry served as editor of LottoWorld, a short-lived international lottery magazine that operated out of Naples, FL. The magazine lasted only three years, but during that time we had a lot of fun inspiring our readers to play 'hot' numbers in their various states to win lottery cash. I was one of several associate editors who worked for the magazine. We had prognosticators who used computers, astrology and other methods to pick winning numbers for our readers. Some of them came amazingly close to hitting those numbers, including the PowerBall.

Picking the right horse

Dear Geno,' a member writes. 'My two buddies and I formed a small software company and recently moved to a house we share in Arcadia, CA. Our home is about 15 minutes from Hollywood Park Race Track. I know you enjoy gambling and hope you can provide us with some good strategy for winning at the horse races. If we come up with some winners, I'll even offer to upgrade your computer at no charge. Smiles, Don G., Arcadia, CA.' Don, bribery will get you everywhere.

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