Do You Want to Be A Millionaire?

One of my favorite television shows was 'Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?' hosted by Regis Philbin.

The program took America by storm and drew millions of viewers almost from day one. Imagine -- just be answering 10 multiple-choice questions correctly you could win up to $1 million.


Contestants had a couple of options to help themselves if they became stumped. They could call a friend and they could ask the live audience to vote on which answer was correct. The audience was hardly ever wrong.

Committees almost always make better choices than individuals

In horse racing, for example, odds are determined by how much money is bet on a horse. People read racing forms or hang around race tracks to gain information before they make a bet. Even the best handicappers are often wrong and statistics show that favorites only win one-third of their races.

Can you be a winner at the track by only wagering on the favorites?

Over the long haul, probably not. The favorites don't pay enough to overcome the losses you will suffer by using this system.

Now if you could increase your percentage of wins to 60 or 70 percent, you would be a winner at the track. Race handicappers have been trying to figure out systems to achieve this ever since the Sport of Kings was invented and that was a long time ago.

Although poker is my main cash game...

...when I enter a casino, I do love to watch the horses run. I will often play poker while betting on the horses. My results are mixed. Sometimes I win, but more often I lose, which is the case for most horseplayers.

But the concept of the 'Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?' TV show has stayed with me all these years. I am working on a system that shows real promise in increasing my percentage of winning favorites to 60, 70 or even 80 percent.

I know many horseplayers who swear by the Daily Racing Form. They would never wager on a race without studying it from cover to cover. I used to do that. It didn't work for me.

A horse may have a splendid record on paper

The animal may be seconds faster than the other horses at the distance. But on race day, what if your selection wakes up with the flu or a cold, or just doesn't feel like running? Mr. Ed was a popular TV show, but nobody I have ever met has been able to talk to horses.

I had a friend who operated a horse room on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. After a day's work, I would amble over to his casino and moan over the fact that I couldn't pick a winner.

Andy would remove the cigar from his mouth and ask me a question...

'What if that horse you are betting on just woke up this morning and said 'If that little runt hits me with that whip just one more time, I'm going to throw him into the stands!'

I promise you this: if my system proves out...heh, heh ... I may share it with my readers. Good luck and let the games begin.

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