Three Cheers for The Supremes

America and especially my friends in Arizona are still reeling after the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that will let states decide if they wish to legalize sports betting.

This was a mature decision by the nine Supreme Court justices and I applaud their decision. It's time they recognized that the people of this nation are smart enough to make their own minds up on how they want to spend their money.


Arizona Legislators are reportedly already drawing up legislation that would allow the state's off-track betting sites to take bets on baseball, basketball, football and other sports events.

Rosemarie is a real estate broker and investor who plays poker at Talking Stick Casino near Scottsdale, AZ. She is in her 60s and admits she loves to gamble. Her favorite games are poker, dice and sports betting.

Like many other poker players I talked to, she is excited by the top court's ruling.

Smiling, she said, 'It will certainly make my weekends a lot more exciting.'

The ruling makes good sense. Why force citizens to drive to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to bet on their favorite teams when many states are strapped for cash to provide basic services to taxpayers? The ruling will let individual states keep their money at home where it belongs.

America has always been a nation of gamblers. The framers of the U.S. Constitution from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin gambled on many games of chance from cards to horse racing. And there are many successful small business owners who love the challenge, the excitement and the rewards of gambling.

These are the people who pay the bills in this country and it's past time their desires are given consideration by the politicians who make the laws.

I hope the Arizona State Legislature moves quickly on passing laws to let the people take advantage of this Supreme Court ruling. I would also urge citizens to gamble responsibly and to not gamble money they need for their families or businesses. Responsible gambling is the only way to go. Three cheers for the Supremes.

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