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It does not have to be complicated to bet on horses, no matter if you choose to go to the casino sports book, race track, or off-track betting facility. It's probably the most fun to bet on horses at the race track though, as you will feel more part of the action.

When it comes to betting on horses at the track, thoroughbred horse racing is the most common and popular kind, with standard bred racing and the quarter horse racing coming second and third respectively.

How do you bet on horses at the track?

It's quite simple to bet on horses when you visit the track. Start of by buying and studying the racing form. It's important to find out how long the race is you are betting on and how your horse usually perform during these types of races.

You can place your wager at the betting window. Only bet as much as you can afford to lose, with the smallest bet usually being one dollar. It's important to hold onto your horse betting receipt, to remember how much you bet, and what the odds were when you placed the bet. After the race you should either admit defeat or return to the window to collect your winnings.

Types of bets you can place on horses

When you bet on horses, you bet on the one that you think will come first. There are a couple of betting terms that you will learn after you have placed a few bets. When you bet on a horse to ‘place' it means you think this horse will either come first or second. You can also bet on a horse to ‘show,' which means that you think the horse will either come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

When you place a bet on the perfecta or exacta, it means that you think you know which horse will come first and which one will come second. When you place a bet on the quiniela or quinella, it also means you are betting on two horses to come first and second, but it doesn't matter which of them comes first and which one second. When you place a bet on the daily double it means you are choosing two horses that you think will win two separate races and you have to be correct in both your guesses to be able to cash in.

How to choose a winner when you bet on horses

Beginners often want to bet on horses that won the last race. This might be a good idea but there are a few things you should consider first. When a horse wins a race, its rating goes up and it then has to compete with better, faster horses. Brilliant race horses will continue getting better and better and will keep winning races but most horses will win some and lose some.

Remember that gambling is addictive, whether you play the slots or bet on horses, and that you should always only spend money that you can afford to lose.

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