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Football is one of the most popular team sports on the planet, and people have been betting on it for as long as the sport has been in existence. Online bookmakers have now also got into the market, trying to lure the billions of fans to bet at their websites.

When you bet on football, you have two major categories to choose from:

Bet on club football: Most people, who bet on football, try their luck with club football betting opportunities, including knockout competitions and domestic leagues. Big annual events to look out for include the FIFA regional club championship games.

Bet on international football: There is nothing like an international game to bring out our fierce nationalist sentiments. Big events to look out for include the international and regional tournament series.

There is an array of betting options to choose from when you bet on football:

Bet on football matches: this is where you can put your money where you mouth is when it comes to your favorite football team. You choose which team will win, and the winning side is paid out according to the betting odds.

Bet on football goal scorers: this type of betting has some of the best odds around. Bets vary and you can decide whether you want to bet on the player who will score first or last for their teams. Some football sportsbooks also allow you to bet that a player will score at anytime during the match.

Bet on football scorecast: this is where you try and predict the game's final score. These type of bets offer good odds and you are often allowed to place multiple scorecast bets.

Then you will also find point spread bets, straight bets, over/under bets, parlay bets and teaser bets; which you will come across when betting on other sports.

Is it legal to bet on football?

In the US, sports betting are very popular but it is in fact only legal in Nevada and Delaware. It doesn't seem to stop punters though as many sports sites, office pools, bookmaking operations seem to be thriving, and then we are not even talking about the friends who bet on football among themselves.

How do Sports books make money when you bet on football?

The sports books make quite easy money when you bet on football, by collecting a commission when you lose. This commission on losing bets is called the Vigorish (or Vig.) When you bet on football, the odds are often eleven to ten, which means that if you bet $110, you will stand a chance to win $100.

It's easy to see why sports books prefer to have equal money bet on both football teams. Let's say the Raiders are playing the Chargers and you bet $110 on the Raiders and your friend bet on the Chargers. The Raiders wins which means you win $100 but your friend has to pay up $110. This $10 profit means they don't care which team wins or loses.

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